Viral Launch Review – What You Need to Know

posted on 17-Monday-02-2020

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Amazon sellers are facing some stiff competition on Amazon. Just think about it, Amazon has 2.5 million sellers right now. This means one needs to stay on top of their game if they wish for their business to be a resounding success. And Viral Launch is one of the tools that can help sellers do this indefinitely.

What is Viral Launch?

Viral Launch is a suite of Amazon sellers tools that focus on giving sellers the most pertinent Amazon analytics to help them become profitable and grow. With Viral-Launch, sellers can discover high-selling products, enhance their keyword strategy, spy on their competitors and rank their product listing without struggling too much. It is exactly what any newbie or season pro needs to be a great Amazon seller.

What Seller Tools Does Viral Launch Provide?

Viral Launch features a number of exciting and extremely helpful tools that allow sellers to achieve their goals.

Product Discovery

This is just no ordinary product database with millions of products to filter through. It also allows you to discover niches that have high-selling products but with a small amount of competition. This means you can find products that can make you a profit before a lot of competitors figure them out.

Keyword Research

This tool is for discovering popular keywords without having to guess what people are searching for. Once you have gathered all the relevant keywords, the tool allows you to use the Listing Builder to automatically create a listing that will surely rank high in the search results.

Keyword Manager

There is no guarantee that keywords that were popular today will be popular tomorrow and vice-versa. By using the Keyword Manager, you will always know when the status of keywords changes. This will allow you to implement the popular ones (indexed and high-volume) into your listing to increase its ranking.

Competitor Intelligence

Instead of guessing what your competitors are doing to rank their listings and increase their sales, Competitor Intelligence helps you spy on them more tactfully. Through reverse ASIN lookup, you can gain valuable insights into what your competitors are doing. Then it is just a matter of using their tactics against them to beat them.

Listing Analyzer

It can be hard to know what your listing is missing just by looking at it. That is where the Listing Analyzer comes in to evaluate your listing against others and offer suggestions on how to improve it. This tool makes sure your listing is always ranking.

Kinetic PPC

With Kinetic PPC, you are given all you need to create high-converting PPC campaigns. This tool allows you to create, manage and automate your PPC campaigns, find and monitor high-ranking keywords and analyze results of the PPC campaigns in order to make data-backed decisions.

Viral Launch Marketing Intelligence?

You don’t have to always stick to the product research tools available on the web platform since there is a Viral Launch Chrome extension. It is called Viral Launch Market Intelligence, and it helps you verify your product idea without leaving Amazon,

Here is the information it provides that can verify your idea:

  • Product Score : This is a five-star product rating that tells you how confident you should be with the product idea you are researching.
  • Top Sellers : This gives you a list of the top-sellers of the product you are researching. These are essentially your competitors, who you can further look into using things like reverse ASIN lookup.
  • Market Trends : A graphic analysis of the product sales trends, allowing you to ascertain when the product is in season and when it is not.
  • VL Analysis : This uses Viral Launch’s database and algorithms to give you accurate information about the estimated monthly sales, reviews needed for the product to sell well and other pertinent information to support the Product Score.
  • Cost Calculator: This tool calculates all of your Amazon fees for Seller Central and FBA and lets you know how much profit you stand to make from the product in question.

How Much Does Viral Launch Cost?

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There are four Viral Launch packages for you to choose from: Beginner, Pro, Brand Builder and Kinetic. You can try any of them for free, but when the free trial period is over, the Viral Launch pricing is $50 for Beginner, $83 for Pro, $125 for Brand Builder and $166 for Kinetic each month.

Final Thoughts

Viral Lunch was made with sellers in mind, and it has a collection of great tools to show for it. From finding the best products to sell to building a high-performing listing that will increase sales, Viral Launch makes it extremely hard not to succeed. If used well, one can easily leave their competition in the dust.

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