Top Selling Items on Amazon

posted on 4-Tuesday-02-2020

To achieve success on Amazon, you have to find the most profitable niche and products to sell. With millions of items listed, it might be a daunting task, but with the right mindset, and the proper tools, you might get there eventually. Let’s take a look at what sells, and how you can get into the business.

How to choose top selling items on Amazon

You have to use a tool to find the best selling products on Amazon. It’s not economical to start looking at product categories one by one to find out which product is the best. One thing is sure though: you have to do your product research - don’t go in blind or you’ll end up wasting time and money!

There are some ideas to keep in mind when you do your product research to find the top Amazon products. Let’s take a quick look:

  1. Price: should be somewhere between $20 and $200
  2. Sales rate: usually 10-15 pcs per day would be enough for beginners
  3. Weight: pick lighter products to save on shipping
  4. Profit margin: over 50%
  5. Shipping: Eligible for air shipping, aim for worldwide shipping
  6. Reviews. Not necessarily the most reviewed products are the best. Check reviews and ratings, but for items under 1000 reviews (under 500 is even better).

Now, to make some money on Amazon, you have to decide what kind of business you would like to run. Do you want to sell products yourself, take advantage of FBA (either selling your label products, or sell someone else’s goods), or you want to live of referral commissions?

All options are viable, although the first two require some investments while setting up an excellent blog with reviews isn’t that risky. At first, your profits won’t be significant, but you will get there sooner or later.

Finding the best selling products on Amazon using IO Scout tool

IO Scout is a product research tool, which you can use as a web-app, or install as a Chrome extension. Both are great tools, although the extension provides on-site information about the products you are checking.

Let’s play a little mind game. Here is the background: you are a sole entrepreneur, who still has his/her nine to five job. To get some extra cash, you run a blog about electronics and tech. You’ve built up a loyal readers’ base, and you think you might capitalize on that, setting up an Amazon sellers’ account or become a referral at Amazon.

To achieve success, you want to find the top-selling Amazon products for your niche.

This is when IOScout comes in.

This is how IOScout looks like as a web-app:

top selling products on amazon

We’ve already added the product details based on the list above. We’ve selected price in the $20-200 range, weight between 2-6 lbs, reviews in the lower field - 100-200, and rating in the 3-5 stars range. Categories checked: Computers & Accessories, and Electronics. The products are sorted by ranking.

top amazon products

As you can see, our search brought up tablets and Chromebooks. Well, they might prove to be an excellent way to start, but you can’t buy them in bulk, so most of these items are okay to earn referral commissions only. In case you would like to sell with FBA, go for best selling products like cable and hose protectors. Buy some, and you’ll see why these things sell so well.

The top 10 best selling items on Amazon in January 2020

According to Amazon, in January 2020, the following items are the best selling:

  1. Apple AirPods with charger, $113
  2. NetGear Wifi Range extender (discounted) $29.99
  3. Nintendo Switch - Ring Fit Adventure, $73.59
  4. Revlon One-Step hair dryer, $35.99
  5. Kasa Smart Light Switch from TP-Link, $19.99
  6. 3M 8511 Respirator 10-pack, $60
  7. AmazonBasics AA 1.5V Alkaline Battery, 48-pack, $13.29
  8. AmazonBasics AAA 1.5V Alkaline Battery, 36-pack, $9.49
  9. Bounty 8-roll paper towels, $16.99
  10. Pampers Diaper Wipes, 576/pack, $14.59

You might wonder: do I have to sell toilet paper and hair driers to make money from Amazon? Well, no, you don’t have to. These ten items are the best sellers because Amazon said so. Most of the above listed top selling products on Amazon are everyday items, or they are discounted, and that’s why they sell so good.


We highly recommend IOScout as a product research tool, because you can’t rely on the best selling list of Amazon. As a newcomer, you have to find the golden line between highest-ranking bestsellers, and lowest ranking junk (e.g. “10 Android 4.0 tablets for $200 - who buys that?). Product research is fundamental, so don’t skip it!

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