Selling Books on Amazon

posted on 6-Thursday-02-2020

sell books on amazon

Selling books on Amazon is the best way to make money in a very short time. Just you read the article, and you will know how to sell books on Amazon step by step.

4 Reasons to Start Selling Books on Amazon

There are four significant reasons to start selling books on Amazon.

Reason #1: It is very easy and convenient

Amazon has become s tore of everything though many entrepreneurs have started their businesses by selling books. Amazon will do almost everything for you! Do not be surprised. Third-party sellers take hold of more than two thirds of Amazon's sales.

Reason #2: Amazon is the best bookseller

Amazon considers your items the best seller, and allocates it as the Best Selling Rank. Hence, the product will sell significantly, as it will sell multiple copies every day. 

Reason #3: Amazon is the most valuable company

The company has become the most valuable one. It goes beyond $1 trillion. Moreover, you will find everything on it. Amazingly, it can provide a much wider collection of books than any other website can.

Reason #4: Send and receive money from Amazon

The company provides a premium payment service. This service just needs a regular account. You add your product and click Pay with Amazon .

3 Ways to Sell Books on Amazon

In order to sell books on Amazon, you need to make a seller account. By using that account, you will be able to sell and even ship the books yourself. There are three simple ways used for selling books to Amazon.

(1) Amazon Vendors (AMV)

You can sell books to Amazon by using their vendor central services. In order to add your books to Amazon, you are required to do the following steps:

·       Sign in Vendor Central

·       Search for Items

·       Go to Add Products, or

·       Click the Add Selection button.

sell books on amazon

(2) Fulfillment-by-Merchant (FBM )

This way allows you to make a list, then; you ship your products. Once you have made your seller account on Amazon, and made the list of the books, you become ready to sell the books yourself.

(3) Fulfillment-by-Amazon (FBA)

When you make the list on Amazon, the site becomes responsible for packing and shipping the product. To take advantage of Fulfillment by Amazon program, follow these steps:

·       Go to FBA.

·       Add your Books listing.

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·       Plan your books.

·       Ship your books to Amazon.

·       On ordering your books by customers, Amazon will price and ship them.

Sourcing Books to Sell on Amazon

Selecting a new and readable book makes it one of Amazon bestselling books. You should know how to sell used books on Amazon as well as sell new books. Yet, where can you find books to sell on Amazon?

·        Your Bookshelf

Finding books on your bookshelf will not cost you anything.

·        Libraries

Sometimes libraries hold book sales. It will be helpful if you search for one of those sales and select the best books.

·        Flea Markets

Sales and flea markets are a main source for used books. They provide a great opportunity to get used books for a low cost.

·        Famous Websites

There are many websites that sell used books. You can buy used books at reasonable prices. eBay is one of these websites.

how to sell used books on amazon

How to Start Selling Books Business on Amazon

Now, you can decide what kind of seller you are (AMV, FBA, or FBM). Therefore, you are able to start selling books business on Amazon.

Step 1: Create a seller account

You can also create an ordinary account beside it.

·        join Amazon

·       Make seller account

·       Define a specific selling plan

·       Enter the required information.    

Step 2: Start Selling Books on Amazon

·       Decide on the book you are willing to sell.

·       Define the price.

·       Decide whether you sell used books on Amazon, or new ones.

·       Name the shipping method.

·       Save your listings.

Step 3: Set up Fulfillment by Amazon

·       Click Manage Inventory to switch the listing to FBA.

·       Send Books to the site.

·       Check your books condition.

Step 4: Be ready to get paid

After deducting Amazon fees and other charges, you will get all your profits into your account.


It turns out to you now that it is very easy to learn how to sell books to Amazon, including new and used books. All you need to do is follow the above steps, and you will enjoy great profit.


What is the cost to sell books on Amazon?

Amazon provides the professional selling method that charges a $39.99 monthly subscription fee. On Selling fewer than 40 items a month you pay $0.99 per item sold in addition to other selling fees.

Can I sell books on Amazon for free?

By FBA, when a customer places an order, Amazon ships it. This costs 3 or 4 dollars.

Can you sell books back to Amazon?

According to Amazon's book buyback page, you can sell books back to Amazon.

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