Complete JumpSend Review

posted on 14-Friday-02-2020

Do you want more sales and reviews on Amazon? JumpSend can help you with that. Check out our complete JumpSend review to find out how.

If you want to succeed on Amazon JumpSend is your best friend. Getting good reviews is critical for your sales, but in order to get reviews you need to visible and sell. You need to be well ranked for your keywords and make sales in order to get reviews. It sounds like a confusing loophole, right? JumpSend is the entry point.

The tool is quite popular within the Amazon community because it brings a lot of value in the form of sales and reviews. Plus, the software comes at a price that both beginner and experienced sellers can afford. On top of that, there are JumpSend deals that make it even more affordable and shouldn’t be missed.

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What is Jump Send?

Jump Send is a tool that helps sellers with their reviews and sales. The software has an open marketplace with more than a hundred thousand active users looking for the best deals. So you can start selling the product to these shoppers at a discounted price and not only that but you can contact them directly which increases the chances to get a review.

In most cases, when you list a product on Amazon you don’t get a lot of organic sales and reviews in the first place. Plus, people who buy the product at its normal price are unlikely to leave a review, and if they do it is usually not a positive one.

So, what you can do is generate a discount code and start selling on Jump Send right away. When you get sales and reviews this will help you improve your ranking on Amazon without spending a lot on advertising on social media or Google.

Jump Send Review

Now you know what is JumpSend and how it works, now let’s look at its features and the pros and cons that come with the service.


Active marketplace

One of the biggest advantages on Jump Send is that it has a massive marketplace with active users looking for discounted products. This saves a lot of money on advertising because the shoppers are already there and ready to buy.

Knowledgeable audience

One of the best things about Jump Send is that the shoppers already know about the coupon codes and how to use them. Offering coupon codes to users who are not familiar with them may cause some issues. Usually, this results in a complaint or a negative review. The fact that Jump Send shoppers already know how to use the coupons saves a lot of time and hassle.

Genuine shoppers

Jump Send makes things easier for you. The tool gives you access to a huge audience of genuine shoppers with interest in your product. This will inevitably boost your sales rankings. There are genuine Amazon shoppers actively looking for deals – they are not researching products or adding stuff in their cart. They are eager to get the lowest price which is a good chance for you to get consistent sales. Jump Send is also great tool in helping you rank for a competitive category or keyword.

Sales Boost

If you sell consistently your keyword rankings will increase. Amazon ranks products based on sales, so the more you sell, the higher your rank will get. This means you will be more visible when people type in the keywords related to your product.

Money Saving

No need to spend thousands of dollars to advertise your products on social media and get shoppers buy from you. You may spend a ton of money but there is no guaranteed result.

Competitive edge

Every products needs to get an initial traction. If you don’t get these sales, your product may drop down in rankings, which can make the product difficult to sell in the future. However, if get those initial sales right, your product will improve its rank, you will get more organic sales as well.

More reviews

Reviews are not guaranteed, of course with more sales there is a greater chance of more reviews as well. You can use the autoresponder feature to communicate with buyers and get to know them which can increase the chance of getting a good review.

Customer service

Jump Send is not only known for the quality of the software but also it has excellent customer support on all its products and features. If you have any issues or questions you can contact their customer support service and get help.

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Limited products

Jump Send doesn’t support some product categories. You can only promote products from your Amazon seller account.

Limited marketplaces

Jump Send doesn’t support all marketplaces. It is available only in the USA and UK. Of course, these are the main markets for most sellers, so this is not a problem. But there are other markets that are growing in popularity like Canada, Germany and other European countries, so you would want to position yourself these. Unfortunately, Jump Send is not an option in this case. However, this may change in the near future.

No incentives for reviews

You may have to sell a lot of products at a discounted price and not get any reviews. So, giving out discount codes may help boost your sales, but may not bring any reviews in the end. Also, positive reviews are not guaranteed either. Fortunately, the shopper community is very active in leaving reviews.

No customer emails or data

There are hundreds of thousands of shoppers on Jump Send but you cannot access their email address or any other data. This means you cannot contact them or add them to your mailing list.


Jump Send is a great option for your Amazon business needs. Of course, it is not perfect but it is proven to help boost reviews and sales rank. It will also make your product launches on Amazon much faster.

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