Amazon Associates - Amazon Affiliates. The Quick Guide

posted on 1-Saturday-02-2020

Alright, this is for beginners, so if you already have an Amazon Affiliate account, and you already sell, you should look away. Otherwise, read on to find out all the base details one should know about Amazon and the related affiliate, associate program. Let’s begin!

What is Amazon Associates and Amazon Affiliates?

In general, the two are the same thing. Amazon associates is an affiliate program, created by the world’s largest retailer up to date, Amazon. Joining this program, you get a chance to cut a small piece of this multi-billion dollar marketplace, and make your blog a real money making site.

Here is how it works

Just like all affiliate programs (some people consider Amazon Affiliates as the alpha of such programs), this one works on a simple system: you promote products listed on Amazon, and you earn some commision from it. 

Is there a recipe for success for Amazon Associates?

This is a question you shouldn’t ask Google! By doing so, you will spend hours reading guide after guide claiming to offer you the penultimate recipe (while constantly bombing you to subscribe to their newsletter). However, there is no Recipe For Success. Hard work, an established website/blog/vlog/social media page, and a good audience are the most essential elements an Amazon Affiliate needs.

How to become an affiliate for Amazon

In order to start making some money from your blog, you have to become an Amazon Affiliate first. This is a pretty straightforward and fast process. After they accept your application, you can start looking for profitable niches. Learning how to become an Amazon affiliate is a technical issue, so we won’t bother you with the details. Instead of that, we are taking a step further, and take a look on most important part: how to make money from Amazon!

amazon affiliate

What’s needed?

There are three major areas you could create content in to run a successful affiliate site:

  1. Textual content (landing pages, blogs, newsletters)
  2. Videos
  3. Social media (Twitter and Facebook are the minimum)

Nowadays, users are picky, and they won’t buy the promoted product if your promotion is only about pushing banners and buy buttons in their faces. You have to pick a niche you are knowledgeable about, one you love… one you can write/record/post about! This is the key! Some guides might suggest to go for the most profitable niches. But that’s plain BS. As of today, Luxury Beauty pays the highest commissions (10%), but ask yourself: Do I know anything at all about Beauty products? Do I know enough about to make content that generates traffic and also converts?

You probably said “No” to both questions. Our suggestion is this: never start an affiliate website with products you don’t know! Creating content from passion is easier, faster, and much more believable than creating content for money.

Hiring a freelance copywriter is a good idea, but are you certain it’s worth the investment? Nope. Maybe when you reach a five figures income every month on your own.

How much can you earn with Amazon Affiliates?

Zero to a lot. Seriously, the competition is heavy, and finding a good product is something that could take years. However, if you manage well, you can reach up to four digits income per month after a year or so… or not. 

We won’t throw numbers at you, claiming that anyone, anywhere and anytime can set up a successful Amazon Affiliates account and earn the money they want. You have to establish your site/channel/social media in order to even start the affiliate program. 

Final thoughts

Reading through this short guide may make you think. And that’s a good thing. You have to consider every aspect of affiliate marketing on Amazon, since you’ve got to get the best out of yourself in order to start earning money from Amazon. The main conclusion you are going to reach is that having a successful Amazon affiliate site requires hard work. A lot of it. There is no easy way.

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