3 Essential Tips on How To Improve Your Amazon Sales Rank

posted on 11-Tuesday-02-2020

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Amazon is one of the most successful and largest online retail stores in the world today. Amazon has not only been good to buyers across the globe but also sellers of goods on its platform. For you to become successful on the Amazon platform, your product needs to rank well, which means it has to sell well on the platform to get a good Amazon sales rank . You might wonder whether this is possible, the answer is people have done it, and it has worked, which will share with you how to enhance your sales rank. However, before that, it is important to understand clearly, “what is an Amazon sales rank?”

What Does Amazon Sales Rank mean?

Amazon Bestsellers Rank( BSR) is today’s new term for Amazon’s sales rank. Your product rank increases in its category the moment you list it on the platform. When your product first sells, its rank will drop shortly then bounce back. Every time your sale increases, the platform will keep rising in the rank, and if the sales are highly impressive, it might even show up on amazon's best sellers. So, how do you improve your sales rank on Amazon ?

1. Drive Traffic To Your Product Listing

You need to direct a lot of people to your products through the use of external sources. You can drive that traffic by using several methods, namely:

  • Using social media influencers and social media campaigns
  • Updating your blog
  • Working with Amazon affiliate marketers

For social media, influencers are people with an impressive social media following whose audience you can take advantage of to drive traffic to your Amazon product listings. For social media campaigns you can promote your product on social media using social media campaigns, one of the best options includes marketing your product in various social media groups. When it comes to updating your blog, it means that if you have a blog and have developed an audience through your content, then you can also talk to them about your Amazon product directing them to your listing. Lastly, the same case applies to Amazon affiliate marketers who can talk about your product guides and product reviews on their websites promoting product listing

2. Do an Amazon Keyword Research

Choosing the right keywords makes your product easily accessible on Amazon. Often customers may not know the specific brand name of a product they want, and the customer will, therefore, search for the product using a common name. For instance, a client may search for a word like " kettle" keywords will include the most frequently searched terms related to this word. You may want to use such words to make the product easy to access. Therefore, once you have gone through the Amazon sales rank chart and decided what you want to sell, fit the product description with keywords. Examples of a tool that can help arrive at the right Amazon keywords include the Moz Explorer, SEMrush, and the Google Keyword Planner. Remember, you can also fit the keywords to your marketing campaigns and blog posts to direct more traffic to your product listing.

3.  Optimize your Product Listing on Amazon

The idea is to have a product listing with an impressive conversion rate. Optimizing listing means that your listing gets to stand out than others in its category. You can optimize product listing by :

  • Offering quick order processing and shipping. Customers love an efficient and effective service. Processing an order quickly, shipping it without errors, and having it delivered on time can lead to good reviews leading to more people want to buy from your listing. More reviews mean more sales, a better sales ranking.
  • Know Amazon’s top categories . Top-level categories can help a lot to boost your Amazon business sales. The thing is that top-level categories have a high search result visibility. Listing your product in the most search category makes it highly visible to the most typical customer and can boost your results hugely. More sales mean better sales rank, given that your purchases will improve your popularity on Amazon's marketplace. 
  • Work on your product’s availability. When your marketing is good, searches for your product may trickle. More searches mean that your stock may deplete, mind your inventory so that the customer does not land on your page, and find that you are out of stock. If the stock is about to deplete, have more come in to satisfy the needs of your customer base.


Now you know what you need to do to improve your sales rank on Amazon. All you need to do is to keep track of your purchases with an Amazon sales rank tracker and take the right step to keep your rank constant always. 

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